Ignacio de Grado
Madrid, 1973

MA Creative Arts. London College of Communication. University of The Arts. London
Industrial Technical Engineer.Polytechnic University Madrid, Spain.

Ignacio de Grado is an Artist and the Studio Director and main Instructor in Grado Art Studio.
Born in Madrid, Ignacio attained a degree in Industrial Engineering . Initially he worked for several years in the field of computer animation with subsequent experiences as an entrepreneur as well as an engineer in a multinational construction company. In late 2009 he moved to London. In 2010 Ignacio received an MA in Creative Arts Management at the University of Arts of London. Since the beginning of 2013 he lives and works in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Painting has become his full occupation and reason for life. In terms of artistic training he is self-taught and has developed all his artistic approaches and skills through observation, practice, study and respect for the great masters.

Ignacio has experimented with mediums like Watercolors, Oils and Egg Tempera. His rage of works are from Figurative Painting to Abstract Inspirational Artworks such as the Gift of Life Cards Collection. In terms of his teaching practice, guided by the belief that artists are made, not born, Ignacio is dedicated to offering an art education to children, teens and adults in all levels of proficiency. He believes that art education is an inner experience for the artist that is positive and peaceful. Ignacio provides you tools to improve your technical skills in order to get the freedom of expression in your Art discipline and become fully creative. His workshops and lessons are tailored to your needs and focus on the aspects you more need to improve or develop.
Ignacios’s artwork has been exhibited in several countries. He does commissions on a regular basis and has paintings on display in the studio.
Selected Exhibitions: