Born in Madrid. Initially he worked in the field of Computer Animation with later experiences as entrepreneur as well as an engineer in a construction multinational. In late 2009 he moved to London. In 2010 received an MA in Creative Arts Management at the University of Arts of London and started drawing by chance. Since then painting has become his full occupation and reason for life. In terms of artistic training he is self taught and has developed all his artistic aspects through observation, practice, study and respect for the great masters.


The theme of the works of Ignacio de Grado has its origin in the problem of human being to find his true self, hidden through endless layers of personality created throughout our lives. In this journey feelings of surprise, sadness and hope come together to reach a state of awareness leaving behind our ego who does not allow our true self to be revealed. Through the journey of life, feelings of surprise, sadness and hope merge and to achieve a state of consciousness, leaving behind our ego which prevents our true self from being revealed. De Grado uses his own life experience to develop his works, using them in themselves as his own process of searching his own identity.

Alongside his artistic work is carried out within the field of figurative painting, with special interest in the human figure, portraiting as well as scenes dominated by natural light, creating works based on reality as well as in the artist’s mind. Depending on the subject matter of the works, he uses both oil and watercolor.

Currently, De Grado practice is focused on experimentation with different media, materials and techniques, in order to explore different ways to explore our mind issues and its representation in art.

Ignacio llives and works in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. He owns an Art Studio where he teaches painting to students from all ages and levels.

Ignacio de Grado
Madrid, 1973
Industrial Engineer ,
Polytechnic University, Madrid
MA Creative Arts
London College of Communication,
University of the Arts, London
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